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January 28th, 2007 + 3:01 AM  ·  Downchuck

As many of you have noticed, BandAMP has no ads, no dues, no fees of any kind. And that's great. But, we are limited to working in our free time. There are a few new programmers on board, you may have met them, but they keep rather quiet. Expect a few updates in the coming weeks.

There's been some talk of upsizing BandAMP. Part of this is a reaction to our absence, and part of it is a reaction to BandAMP's success. You've all made this a great site, a resource for talented musicians and a source of pleasure for music enthusiasts. We certainly don't want to stand in your way. At times it may feel that technical issues (bugs) are holding you back. You've been patient and we will address (squash) these obstacles.

The BandAMP culture is our greatest pride. And so, before upsizing, we'd like strong consensus from members. Do you want more exposure? A larger audience? Do you want to see more musicians on the site? Would you like the community to stay just as it is? BandAMP may be obscure, but its link is seen by several million people each month, on the top of several high-traffic websites (noted simply as indie music). We can interface with myspace, posting data from the forum / blogs to an account. We can find a larger audience by expanding our linking. But do you want us to?
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